Section: Opinion,  Page: A14

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009

I write in response to the letter from the Commission on Public Integrity's director of communications, Walter C. Ayres, complaining of unfair treatment by your editorial staff.

I am the individual who made the commission and the media aware of the flaws in the training program after receiving a tip from an employee within the commission. I'd hoped commission officials would treat the allegations appropriately. Instead, what resulted were attempts to deflect responsibility and hunt for the whistle-blower.

This conduct is all too reminiscent of this agency's response in the "Troopergate" scandal, in which the commission's executive director, Herb Teitelbaum, was found to have leaked information and covered up his transgressions, assisted by Barry Ginsberg, who, after Teitelbaum resigned, became acting head of the agency. As Mr. Ayres stated, "Individual ethics is demonstrated by actions, not by test scores."

As the commission searches for a new executive director, let us hope three things occur:

1. The Senate follows the Assembly and passes legislation abolishing this commission.

2. New leadership with no ties to the Teitelbaum/Ginsberg regime.

3. Those selected for leadership demand the resignation of the entire commission.

Recognize that this zombie agency cannot be brought back to life, and move on.

David Grandeau


The writer is a former executive director of the Temporary State Commission on Lobbying, which was merged into the Commission on Public Integrity.