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Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Gov. George Pataki heads the invited guest list for a noon Jan. 28 dedication ceremony for downtown's new $35 million MVP Health Care corporate headquarters.

MVP held an open house Tuesday at its seven-story, 175,000-square-foot office building at Nott Terrace and State Street. Construction was completed in November. David Oliker, MVP president and chief executive officer, spoke at the open house program, noting that the new building represented a major step toward the future of the firm and the city.

``This building clearly shows what can be accomplished in Schenectady when business partners with regional leaders to realize common goals,'' Oliker said. ``All of us at MVP are proud to have had the opportunity to be the catalyst for the first substantial public-private partnership undertaken by the Metroplex Development Authority.''

Oliker said the office building's parking garage is the first major project financed by Metroplex.

More than 850 MVP employees, previously working at offices on Liberty Street in downtown Schenectady and at a computer center in Rotterdam, are now consolidated at the new building.

Oliker also announced Tuesday two community gifts made by MVP to mark the opening of the building.

He said the firm is underwriting the cost of MVP Kids' Place at the Schenectady Museum. The exhibit, designed for children 4 to 9, is a mix of hands-on activities and real objects with strong ties to Schenectady.

MVP also donated surplus computers and office furniture from its former outlets to the Charlie Mills Neighborhood Network Center on Hamilton Hill.

Oliker said MVP originally planned to occupy five of the building's seven stories. However, he said during the period between site selection and construction completion, the firm experienced dramatic enrollment growth that resulted in the hiring of 300 new employees.

He said all seven floors are needed to accommodate the larger work force.