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Date: Sunday, August 9, 1998

Some parts of the country - in at least 24 states - will be learning that upstate New York is ``Tech Valley.'' High-tech manufacturer Rupprecht & Patashnick of Albany is plastering a Tech Valley logo on air quality sensors it's making for the EPA. The firm, which employs more than 100, has a $6 million contract to manufacture the particulate pollution sensors for use in EPA's national monitoring network. The stickers say ``Made in New York's Tech Valley.''

Dis-integrated marketing

Wolkcas Communications, after a two-year relationship housed in the offices of Sawchuk Brown Associates public relations firm, will be separating from the PR firm at the end of the month and relocating to space in Colonie.

SBA is expanding into the vacated space on State Street in downtown. The move is in preparation for the firm's 20th anniversary, which it is calling ``SBA@20'' next year. The separation from Wolkcas is apparently a move from the concept of ``integrated marketing'' it trumpeted two years ago and back to ``pure'' public relations.

To hear the other guys tell it, the success of the two companies made the single office co-location impossible to maintain. Wolkcas is moving out to New Karner Road in Colonie.

TV needs

Public television station WMHT, looking for a site to build a new state-of-the-art studio, has released a formal list specifying what it wants in a new home site. The list has gone out to developers and others savvy about real estate matters.

The bare minimums: broadcast-signal-friendly terrain; environmentally clean lot either a city block in size or 5 acres outside a city; room for a loading dock; a good tax deal on purchase financing; and favorable rates on public utilities.

Here's what WMHT's board also wants: a site within 15 minutes travel time - preferably walking - from the Capitol, on a bus route, and with room for 150 parking spaces. The station also wants nearby access to the airport, train station and hotels but wants to be insulated from traffic noise.

Got any ideas? The station wants to hear by Sep. 15. The board will use its own judgment in deciding which site to pick, and notes it also has the option of selecting a site it learns about through other channels.

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