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Date: Sunday, April 5, 1998

It may not be rolling off everyone's lips yet, but the term Tech Valley, coined by Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce to market the region's image as a home for technology companies, will be on some envelopes soon. Urbach, Kahn & Werlin, one of the Capital Region's (or should we say Tech Valley's?) largest accounting firms, plans to put the words and a new logo on its postage meter. That means every one of the pieces of mail the company sends out across the country will be promoting the new term.

UK&W has used its postage meter to toot the region's horn before. When Albany was named the All-America City in 1991, UK&W touted that phrase.

The UK&W move may be the first in the area, not counting the chamber's new telephone greeting: ``Albany-Colonie Chamber. Tech Valley. May I help you.''

The Buzz would love to hear of any other ``Tech Valley'' sightings.

The phones are busy

The Capital Region enjoyed several days of summerlike weather last week, but the Public Service Commission was receiving a blizzard of letters urging it to listen to the public before deciding what to do with a draft recommendation to federal regulators regarding whether Bell Atlantic deserves to be allowed to sell long distance service.

A hasty decision on the document had been rumored, and politicians and consumer advocates including Ralph Nader, congressman and Senate candidate Charles Schumer and New York City public advocate and Senate candidate Mark Green, as well as legislators, etc., etc., etc., wrote asking PSC to hold off its decision.

The agency was taken aback because it wasn't rushing to decision and hadn't been all along.

So where did the paper squall come from? The locus appears to have been a partner in the New York City law firm of Strook & Strook & Lavan, a fellow named Robert Abrams, the former New York state attorney general who represents would-be Bell Atlantic competitor LCI International.

Flanagan was upbeat about the deluge of attention. ``The whole idea behind the document that staff sent out was to get feedback. It's certainly done its job,'' he said.

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