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Date: Monday, March 24, 1986

Astrology is derived from two Greek words: astra, meaning star, and logos, meaning logic, or the language of the stars. It is the science that relates specific characteristics and energies to individuals, based on their relationship to the solar system at birth.

Using the exact date, time and location of birth, the astrologer casts a horoscope - hora, meaning an hour, and scope, to view - and erects a chart figure that is then interpreted for the individual. Cities, like individuals, have birth dates and very specific personality traits. Surely, New York City gives one impression, New Orleans another, and San Francisco a third. Let us now view the horoscope of a great city close to our hearts on its tricentennial celebration: Albany.

First, a word on the date itself.

In researching the birth data of Albany, it was discovered that the July 22, 1686, date listed for the signing of the city's Dongan Charter was actually based on the old-style Julian calendar, which makes for a bit of complication.

"The Book of Calendars," published by Facts On File Inc., reports that due to technical inadequacies, Pope Gregory XIII reformed this calendar, and that England and the United States adopted this new "Gregorian Calendar" in 1752. This new calendar moved dates in 1686 forward by 10 days, and Jan. 15 became Jan. 25.

This change also affects the birth date of Albany - which became the equivalent of Aug. 1, 1686. Therefore, the city's star chart must reflect the Gregorian - or modern - calendar date of Aug. 1.

That being calculated, here's a look at the star chart for the city:

THE SUN represents the heart of the city, its pride, leaders and purpose. Since the Sun is in the sign Leo, Albany would see itself as a proud leader, in the forefront of social and cultural development. Leo is the sign of royalty and kings, so Albany's leaders would tend to be autocratic and look upon themselves as good managers. It also makes sense that Albany would be the capital of the state. It likes pomp and circumstance, so one would expect socializing and many "black tie" affairs.

Leo is a generous as well as powerful sign, and this points to Albany as a center of good will for those who come under its favor, and an arrow of anger for those held in disrepute. Warm and magnanimous, visitors to this impressive city will enjoy its hospitality and many fine restaurants.

The position of the Sun - in the 10th house or sector of the chart - points to public recognition and achievement in professional and vocational areas. Albany can earn a natural respect and leadership position, or it can be seen as egocentric and authoritative. Its reaction to the challenges brought before it will color its history.

THE MOON represents the emotional and cultural attitudes of the populace, such as home life and the family unit. Since the Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of ambition and discipline, Albany residents would tend to be conservative and hardworking, with an understanding of social structure and individual responsibility to the community.

Since the Moon resides in the third house of the chart, intellectual activity is important, especially in areas of primary education and the role of women in society. An objective approach is important.

The combination of the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Capricorn suggests the overall personality and will is controlled and purposeful. This may point, however, to an underlying feeling of inferiority or overshadowing, which can lead to a great striving for success. Business, public affairs and status are important, and duty hovers over all, but more warmth may be needed.

MERCURY represents the mind, communications systems, transportation and temperament. Since Mercury is in the sign Leo, when Albany speaks, it expects others to listen. The Albany area would be a leader in education, libraries, roads and transit systems and the communications media. Albany is dynamic, articulate and impressive. There is a desire for mental recognition, spiritual leadership and social prominence. This is a dynamic placement, which can lead to mental virtuosity or petty dogmatism.

Mercury's placement in the 10th house of the chart again stresses an intellectual approach to career and vocation, and a belief that all problems can be solved logically. This reinforces the area's leadership role in communications and science.

VENUS represents the beauty of the area and its cultural and artistic values. It rules romances and music. Since Venus is in the sign Gemini, Albany would be dualistic, changeable and charming. Literature, music and art are important, with expression as meaningful as enjoyment. Gemini rules the arms and hands, so crafts and hobbies are taken seriously. Friendly and clever, Albany residents enjoy humor, especially in relationships in which variety is the spice of life. Albany sees itself and its people as beautiful, cultured and effervescent.

The placement of Venus in the eighth house points to the importance of harmonious partnerships and sharing relationships. The meaning and value of business and personal agreements must be clearly understood.

MARS represents the desire and action of nature. It shows strength, courage and the attitude towards law enforcement. Mars is in the sign of Leo and represents that Albany possesses magnetism, style and a zeal for self- expression. This is a personable city that likes everything to be done right. Albany is assertive, bold and possesses an energy that drives it ever forward, pushing it to transcend the past. Law and order is serious business, touched with pride and enthusiasm. Individualism is not only respected, but expected.

Mars in the ninth house of the chart suggests a desire to outperform others in law, philosophy and higher education. This points to a powerful legal and political system.

JUPITER represents the philosophical and religious outlook, higher education and the judicial system. Jupiter in the sign Scorpio suggests there is a strong sense of religion and philosophy as a controlling factor in society. This becomes the emotional anchor of the area. Educational opportunities abound, and the judicial system, at its highest, is supreme. There is an emphasis on business and finance, and Albany can be perceived as a place of hidden wealth. Sexuality is strongly marked, but its energies are controlled and directed to procreation. This is a powerful placement for medical and scientific investigation. Jupiter in Scorpio also suggests a great deal of power and control that comes from behind closed doors, so there are many intrigues here.

Jupiter in the first house points to natural authority and managerial power that depends on traditional social and religious values for its strength. Slow, controlled growth is the way of the order.

SATURN represents enforced moral and financial restrictions, long-term business opportunity and willingness to change. Saturn is in the sign Virgo; this suggests a utilitarian and analytical approach to morals and business. Achievement comes to those who do their work well. Efficiency and effectiveness are highly regarded, and practicality is expected. Health, sanitation and employment are major issues, and knowledge of the system leads to accomplishment. This placement also represents a feeling of prudishness and honor in old lace. There is a talent for organization and application of knowledge.

Saturn in the 11th house suggest security comes through friendships and cultural contacts. This placement reinforces a conservative and traditional view and a need to make dreams a practical reality or it forces them to dissolve.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are known as "transpersonal" planets and represent energies above the control of the personality. Therefore:

URANUS in Taurus, in the seventh house, suggests that Albany appreciates practical individualism. New methods and procedures will be accommodated only after they are proved effective.

NEPTUNE in Pisces, in the fourth house, indicates that the very roots and foundation of Albany's strength lie in spiritual sensitivity and humanitarianism. Albany's spiritual awareness is its strength.

PLUTO in Cancer, in the ninth house, represents protectionism and a maternal sensitivity to family, heritage and history. Albany can boast very deep roots and a nourishing attitude, which allows its citizens to grow and prosper.

IN CONCLUSION, the star chart of Albany shows civic pride and political clout. Three placements in Leo emphasize a strong leadership vibration, which makes Albany the perfect capital city. Its citizens are warmhearted and resolute, guaranteeing a strong community spirit. Since the chart holds a major emphasis in fixed signs, Albany's leaders can be obstinate, and there is a real need for flexibility and a willingness to try new methods. The tricentennial year finds Albany at the threshold of new growth and development. The following fields overflowed: MEMO = In recent years, many people have decided to have astrologers make up their personal star charts - based on the stars for their personal birth dates. They believe these charts give them cues to their personal lives and futures. That being the case, The Knickerbocker News reasoned, why couldn't one chart the stars for a city, since cities, too, have birth dates? Since Albany will celebrate its 300th birthday this summer, we decided to ask Albany astrologer Thomas Kearns to chart the stars for July 22, 1686, the date the city's Dongan Charter was signed and the city was "born." Kearns, author of the "The Art of the Mystic," is president of the Capital District Spiritualist Church. In this article, he explores the city's stars and what they mean.