Section: Opinion,  Page: A11

Date: Monday, October 24, 2011


Candidate's faith is fair game for inquiry

It is not bigotry to question the substance of a candidate's religious belief and its impact on his or her political positions, says Christopher Hitchens in Slate. That's why Mitt Romney should address questions that surround his Mormon faith, Hitchens says.


No more subsidies for parking garages

Cities thrive when they do not subsidize parking, says Matthew Yglesias in The Atlantic. Once management and pricing of parking are depoliticized, market forces will determine the right amount and price of parking, to the benefit of denizens and visitors, he says.


Lying about service wrong, but no crime

Masquerading as a decorated military hero, as despicable as it is, still should not be illegal, says an editorial in the Los Angeles Times. The First Amendment, which protects our freedom of speech, also protects our freedom to lie, the editorial says.