Section: Perspective,  Page: B4

Date: Sunday, July 18, 2010

As Albany moves toward the conclusion of its process to select a new police chief, it can be said that it has taken, as a community, a step forward. As a community, we became fully engaged in the process of bettering and improving our city.

That is a very good thing, especially in Albany, which is far more known for political strong arming and backroom dealing than it is for involving the community in any such decision. Yes, Albany has taken one big step into the future with this process. But more importantly, what will be the next step? That is something Deputy Chief Steven Krokoff must consider once he is confirmed.

What will be the next step in this process of community engagement? What will he do, what can he do to keep the community interested, and involved in the of improving safety and quality of life in Albany?

That will indeed be his greatest challenge. I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing how he meets it.

Marlon Anderson